Shower Head Filter Set with 2 Softener


Purifies Water
Has anti-bacterial action that makes the water clean and fresh

Removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine and other heavy metals
Bio energy Mineral Balls takes away the cancer-causing toxic chlorine contained in our water sources.

Helps prevent falling hair
Showering with water containing chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities makes the hair brittle. 3C Shower Set removes these chemicals leaving your hair stronger and shinier.

Prevents Skin Allergies, Softens and Hydrates Dry and Itchy Skin
Harsh chemicals in the water cause skin allergies and make the skin dry and itchy.
Bio energy Mineral Balls eliminates these impurities to produce soft and chemical-free water for softer and hydrated skin.

Good for baby’s sensitive skin
Babies’ skin is sensitive making them more susceptible to the toxic effect of chemicals and impurities contained in the water we use for bathing. Use 3C Shower Set during their bath to spare them from these chemicals.

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