Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Stick (Portable) tumbler  Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Stick (Portable)

This a simple, convenient, and portable device that increases the alkalinity of your drinking water. Very convenient for times when you don't have access to your Water Ionizer. It contains super tourmaline ceramics, water soluble calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and de-chlorinating ceramics which increase the pH or alkalinity of water. These minerals and natural ore are contained inside a pure and inert titanium casing with micro perforations.

The portable Titanium Alkaline Water Stick can be used with:

> Filtered water
> Bottled water: e.g. mineral, reduced, re-structured and ionize bottled water
> Tap Water

The stick is not a filter and the quality of tap water will depend on the source, the stick will not remove residues in tap water created from the tap water source.

*Do not use the stick with RO water (Reverse Osmosis). Though the water produced by RO is pure, it is basically ‘dead’ water and acidic. The stick will not raise the pH of RO water, nor will any other stick.

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