Ozonizer 2C for Arnel Pineda The Ozonizer 2C is an electronic gadget which functions as Air & Water Purifier, Food Sanitizer and Health & Beauty Enhancer.

Tested & proven by our very own Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to be effective against fungi, bacteria, germs at the molecular level.

This is a MUST for today’s “scientifically enhanced” food!

Multi-Purpose Ozonizer 2C

Air Purifier
Ozonizer 2C generates ozone concentration of less than 0.05 ppm which is completely safe to humans. The oxygen radical produced after splitting of ozone attaches to microbes and pathogens and destroys them by oxidation process. Test conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) showed that Ozonizer 2C has a bacterial reduction rate of 99.76% and 99.98% at 15 to 30 minutes exposure respectively against Staphylococcus aureus in air. Once the oxygen radicals are consumed by pollutants in air, there is nothing left – no foul odor, no bacteria, no pollutants - but only pure and breathable oxygen molecules. As a result, concentration of pure oxygen molecules increases in the air we breathe, increased oxygen delivery to the cells stimulates the metabolic, systematic and immunologic processes of the body.
Ozonizer 2C air purifier

Standard Time of Air Ozonization using our Ozonizer 2C:
15 minutes/30sqm.
30 minutes/60sqm.

Water Purifier
Ozonizer 2C water purifier

Ozone is 150 times more powerful and 3,500 times fast-acting that chlorine. It does not only kill pathogens in water but can also eliminate harmful chemicals. Exposure of the Ozonizer 2C into water contaminated with E. coli and E. aerogenes gave reduction rates of 99.69% and 99.89% for 15 to 30 minutes, respectively. It also forms micro-clusters of oxygen thus increasing the ionic property and pH value of water. This makes Ozonized water excellent for body detoxification.
Standard Time of Water Ozonization using our Ozonizer 2C:
1 Liter water - 8 minutes
1 Gallon Tap water- 30-60 minutes
1 Gallon Purified Water-15-30 minutes
1 Gallon Mineral Water-30minutes

Food Sanitizer

Food, when exposed to ozone, is cleansed from harmful elements such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, pesticides, chemical additives and toxins. Test data by DOST revealed that the bacterial kill rates of Ozonizer 2C against Salmonella species in raw meat are 94.59% and 97.15% respectively at 15 to 30 minutes exposure. After ozonization your food is therefore free from contaminants which allow longer shelf life without compromising its freshness and nutrients.

Ozonizer 2C food sanitizer

Standard Time of Food Ozonization using our Ozonizer 2C:
Fruits and Vegetables - 15 Minutes
Seafoods - 30 Minutes
Meat and Poultry - 30 Minutes

Bathing and Beauty

Ozone treated water or alkaline water acts as a natural skin detoxifying agent. It efficiently removes chemical residues from commercial shower products. When left to dry on the skin, excess oxygenated water is absorbed leaving skin soft and protected.

Ozonizer 2C bathnbeauty

Standard Time of Water Ozonization using our Ozonizer 2C:
1 Liter- 8 minutes

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