Life Formula Synergy Inc. is a young diversified marketing company that offers high quality health, wellness and beauty products. LFSI, established in 2003, with its attractive business opportunity has built a worldwide sales and marketing group with more than 30 center operators and a number of mobile center operators nationwide.

We are proud that our products have helped thousands of people lives and sponsored some major events like Ms. Earth International in 2006, "Save our Mother Earth".

We were featured in At Home Ka Dito with Charlene Gonzales and Saludo Pinoy of ABS-CBN TV network, Net 25's Spoon, Moments, Homepage and Aprub. Our products are used and endorsed by gifted and amazing personalities such as  Mr. Arnel Pineda ("Pinoy International Rockstar"), Kharunisia Jazmin ("Quintessential artist and International Model"), Velasco Brothers, Zion show and The Golden Show.

Focus in Market

 Consumers and business partners' need
Study and learn on the market share possibility
 Execution of livelihood marketing system at all times


LFSI is a business entity that is at the forefront of providing sustainable livelihood and marketing system for its partners through the promotion and sales of scientific and health-enhancing products.

Scientific devices
   Life enhancing products


Together with its network of loyal distributors and health professionals, LFSI promotes efficient performance through:

Trainings and constant interaction to enhance competency.

Consistent maintenance of facilities for reliable output.

Proper documentation of daily transactions.

Continuous products and services improvement that is aligned with International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Core Values

We affirm our core values on

Responsive customer relations management – discipline, punctuality, and commitment in the work place

Accountability - corporate professionalism

Loyalty and integrity - faithful and real

Passion – enthusiastic and committed in heart and mind

Key Characteristics

Established in 2003

   100% Filipino-owned

Nationwide operations

   Debt-free company

LFSI Headquarters Pasig City
LFSI Headquarters, Pasig City, PH

SEC Registration

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration code


Press and Media

"AtLFSI has been featured in several local TV programs and newspaper that showcased its high quality and effective products.

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